Women Leaders

Volume 1 | Issue 1 | Winter 2015


I Just Looked Up, and We Were Here!

Dear Readers and Friends,

Welcome to the premiere issue of C L Magazine, a career and lifestyle magazine for women of color.
This has been a long journey and a true labor of love. Since 2006, I envisioned publishing a magazine that would highlight and profile success stories and achievements of brilliant women and girls of all colors.

I searched for the right graphic designers, the best photographer, gifted writers, researchers, editors, production professionals and information & relevant issues. I put my head down and kept plugging away. It was in April of 2014, that I was able to bring together the incredible team of people who have indeed produced a masterpiece in our Winter 2015 Issue.

Through continuous prayer, God’s never-ending grace, and a team of committed and competent individuals & supporters, we made it to this point. I just looked up and we were here! And, we are here to stay.

Please enjoy our magazine, engage with your community, empower each other, and celebrate the brilliance of women and girls of all colors around the world everyday!

In the spirit of the greatness in us all,Alexandria J BooneAlexandria Johnson Boone
Publisher and
Chief Editorial Officer


Alexandria J. Boone

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